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Began Google Broadband

As soon as January 28 of this year began the FCC’s 700 MHz spectrum auction. Several American multinational companies have already shown interest in buying this wireless transmission frequency. The purpose? one of them is broad scope for internet wireless connection. Already the FCC had shown interest in promoting competition in broadband supplying an alternative to the traditional cable/DSL. 1.

What is that special 700 MHz? Currently the television channels use this frequency to transmit analog signal; specifically UHF channels 52 to 69. With the imminent incursion of the television companies to transmit (DVT Act) digital TV signal analog bandwidth spectrum would be abandoned; That the Government will use?, sell it to the highest bidder. The #73 FCC auction consists of 5 blocks of frequency spectrum 698 MHz to 806 MHz, classified from a-e. The most quoted is the C block that starts with a reserve of $4. 6 trillion. A tower that emits this 700 MHz frequency has a RADIUS coverage of 20 miles and the wave it has good penetration in walls and buildings. Several of these towers in chain have the potential to provide coverage broader and higher data rate than the current Wi-fi networks.

The Government will use part of the spectrum to build a network of national public security (used by ambulances, fire brigade etc.) 2 And candidates are… 266 Companies that showed interest in the auction are giants like Verizon, AT & T, Cablevision, Qualcomm, PCS wireless and of course the beautiful child of Silicon Valley: Google. The search engine caused uproar in the media because he proposed to the FCC to be allowed to use free applications with free access within the band of wireless services and devices. This provoked the fury of the major cellular companies. The FCC however decided only allow the use of software and free application devices. This creates several questions of how Google could use this bandwidth be winner. Do will focus on providing bandwidth access toggle wide o? telephony?. Access be free or competitive rates?. This enters the realm of speculation, but whereas the trajectory of the search engine one could expect radical changes in the use of the spectrum. 3. The Google phenomenon. Google has been characterized in a model of ads to monetize and develop the search engine more famous on the net. With this mentality of free access to information, Google provides the user more control over the use of their applications. The majority of these applications are downloaded free of charge. It is easy speculate that the search continue with a similar concept in the use of the wireless signal. Currently Google develops Android mobile development platform of code open to allow the development of applications by users. Also that Google is rumored is developing a Linux-based operating system. No, but so many coincidences stimulate fantasies. Imagine a device of mobile phone that can connect by Wi-fi Skype, with a coverage of 20 miles and a reception that penetrates well by concrete walls?. Can you imagine to be able to connect your laptop into a wireless signal with the same strength of coverage for free or low cost.?

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