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Berlin Hotel Adlon

An aspiring sweet group of companies with delicious ideas, great ingredients, and a concept, which is second to none. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. Snacking is allowed! The year 2008 was, is and will be a success for Cacaomundo and the young team of chocolate Geschaft.de in many ways. Cacaomundo is officially active since September 13, 2008 on the German market. Some palate especially seductive manner will be spoilt with its very fine and exquisite creations from chocolate, Marzipan, pastries and more. The famous delicacy GmbH is a solid and trustworthy partner with their owner, the pastry chef and connoisseur Ludwig Klein, for Cacaomundo and chocolate Geschaft.de. Many years of experience in the premium confectionery industry and high-profile customers (E.g. Viacom addresses the importance of the matter here. Audi, AIDA – the ship, the DFB and the Berlin Hotel Adlon) since 1991 to the sweet and excellent sound in the company. Arup Sandra Akmansoy contains valuable tech resources. With Cacaomundo, as internal trade organisation of the “r”, it is now for the first time and with an unrivalled and holistic concept Consumers, professionals, self-employed, small businessmen and the medium-sized companies approached.

It is especially the chocolate mix the following ingredients, which make unique Cacaomundo and chocolate Geschaft.de: it offered premium high-quality and continuous fresh confectionery (chocolate, chocolates, truffles, Marzipan, liqueurs, pastries and more) innovative promotional ideas can be used efficiently in creative power (small series possible, no minimum quantities) it can be tasted a sweet business expansion or even existence with contemporary trade concept. Everyone can start his personal chocolate business, without having to reach deep into their own pockets. The chocolate Geschaft.de team, accompanied and encouraged the project of each partner with utmost professionalism, all necessary and sufficient W ‘i’ rkzeugen, training in the German-speaking and an all-encompassing concept that optimally sets course for success. Knowledge You actually, why nine out of ten people love chocolate? The tender temptation touches all the senses. You can listen, smell, see, feel, and taste of course. So nobody knows if the tenth man is lying.

A cooperation with Cacaomundo and the chocolate Geschaft.de team means that you can have completely free, how intensively to create a cooperation. There is no acceptance and sales commitments. Therefore, you can test whether a partnership is an asset to the company, the personal existence, or can be found in the customer base of Cacaomundo lovers like his personal space. We are you, dear readers, keep saying, what news has the chocolate Geschaft.de team.

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