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Bioresonance Therapy

The human body is a source of very weak electromagnetic waves. This so-called physiological or harmonic vibrations that are inherent in a healthy body. When a person becomes ill, his organs begin to malfunction, which becomes a source of new, abnormal vibrations. They lead to disturbance of physiological balance. If the body alone can not maintain a balance between physiological and pathological oscillations, can not cope with the task of suppressing abnormal vibrations, reducing them to a minimum level, the disease progresses.

The easiest way to fix the situation – it affect the body as it signals previously "cleared" of their pathological distortion. Electromagnetic oscillations "removed" by means of electrodes and electric cable are fed to the input of the device. There they specially processed, divided into pathological and physiological components, then the received vibration of the second cable back to the patient. Features bio-resonance therapy can expanded using multiresonance therapy. This treatment is by means of signals of the environment with which the body is in resonance.

Similar principles are used in color therapy, treatment of precious stones, metals, magnetic fields, sound, etc. By the way, is a popular trend in modern medicine, like homeopathy, is also a kind of multiresonance therapy. Thus, bioresonance medicine is based on effects on the body electromagnetic waves, which the body's structures are in resonance. Effects can be both at the cellular level and at a certain body systems and organs of the body as a whole. The main idea of resonance in medicine is that, given the right frequency and forms of medical treatment (electromagnetic) effects can amplify the normal (physiological) and reduce the pathological variations in the human body.

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