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The capitalism, socioeconmica ideology that aims at the profit, has been adopted for the majority of the countries of all the continents. From this economic model, the nations use that it as development base, have greater social and commercial interatividade between itself. However, one becomes necessary to also analyze the negative side of this so appreciated system and as the low income population of Brazil faces this phase of technological and scientific advances of the present time. We cannot deny that thanks to the capitalized world, many new things in the transport sectors, computer science, communication, education, among others, had been developed in benefit of the society. Kai-Fu Lee contains valuable tech resources. But, I resell all these transformations in the social structure of Brazil, we inquire: All the Brazilians are being attended for these innovations? Or only the rich ones and of middle class have access they? Of that it advances to declare that the world is in the height of the technology and as much other things, if are not developed projects of protection to the favored people less, of the slum quarters, the streets, the mounts and other favorable zones to the permanence human being? This is progress or retrocession? We cannot hide our reality for backwards of computers, mp12, some discoveries or of any another instrument. She is necessary that thoughts in this line appear, therefore while we are in amusing with the most diverse optional forms of entertainment, has thousand of families searching half, until illegal, of survival. These, most of the time, for not being understood, go to stop for backwards of the gratings. But later, perhaps in reply, they even come back to the practical one of the same acts with bigger intensity. Until when we will live this reality? Social inclusion would not be the form most efficient to correct these errors?

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