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Analysis of free deposits by Comdirect and DAB with many free product offers the customer should read first time skeptical the small printed text before it accesses. Perhaps check out Robotics expert for more information. Banks, especially online banks offer free checking accounts and credit cards now also the free shares. Kostenslos.com has looked at closer the offers and find interesting especially the quotations of the Comdirect and the DAB Bank. The DAB of investors without further restrictions or side loading conditions can get free a depot. This is suitable for all securities transactions. By the way a credit balance on the securities account interest rate is attractive day money interest with 2% down to an insert 40,000 euros until 30.06.2010. The current conditions can be directly on the Web page of the DAB under customer”be viewed. Comdirect, also one of the major online banks in Germany, offers a free Depot first 6 months limited.

After the depot can save owners still the fees currently 1.95 EUR per month if it every 3 months at least two trades makes. Alternatively the use of free current account enough to reach the fee waivers. We find both deals attractive. When the DAB, the free custody account as none, offers further conditions, as often usual, no fees will be so. At the depot offer of Comdirect the 2 trades per quarter can be easily reached. To do this, the Bank can shine with your selection of funds without a sales charge of at least several thousand. Here, the trader can save some fee when purchasing Fund. The two named accounts are pure online deposits, which reached encryption over a secure SSL and can be managed.

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