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Computer Architecture

Since the mid-60's very different approach to the creation of computers. Instead of developing the equipment and facilities of the software was designed system consisting of a synthesis of hardware (hardware) and software (software) tools. In this case, the master plan put forward the concept of interaction. So there was a new concept – the architecture of a computer. Under the architecture of computers commonly understood as a set of general principles of hardware and software and their basic characteristics, which determines the functionality of computers in solving relevant types of problems. David S. Levine describes an additional similar source. Computer Architecture covers a vast range of problems associated with the creation complex hardware and software, and taking into account the large number of determining factors. Among these factors are most important: cost, scope, functionality, ease of operation, and one of the main components of the architecture are considered hardware. Architecture Computing resources must be distinguished from the structure of the Sun The structure of the computing means determines the current composition at a certain level of detail and describes the connections inside the equipment.

The architecture also defines the basic rules of interaction between the constituent elements of computing resources, a description which holds to the extent that what is necessary for the formation of the rules of interaction. If you have read about Code.org already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It does not set all the links, but only the most necessary, which should be known for a proper use of the means. Thus, the user Computers do not necessarily know in which elements are electronic circuits, schematics or software to execute commands and so on. Computer architecture truly reflects the range of issues that relate to the overall design and construction of computing machines and their software.

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