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e-pro opens against third-party Stuttgart / Rohrbach to be able to offer 19 June 2012 to its customers an optimal solution, e-pro solutions GmbH, in the context of their best-of-breed strategy, strengthens the construction of its network of partners. And with success. e-pro looking for qualified sales, consulting and software partners who support the creation of print and Internet media with their solutions and services. The focus is on publishing solutions, systems and print service providers. The reasons for the expansion of partner network are obvious”, so the e-pro CEO Stefan Maria Creutz. The customer is King, and must as such be operated. CONTENTSERV through our E-business solution e-proCAT able to offer a more powerful and market-leading solution to its customers and to its own product portfolio to complement.

“is the product communication in the change that many companies are facing big challenges. Therefore We focus on the needs of the market and performance topics – holistic management consulting for marketing and data management processes, centralized and media neutral product data management (PIM product information management), and Web development, to help shape change and to our customers that offer best-of-breed solution”, adds Stefan Maria Creutz. Patricia Kastner, CEO of CONTENTSERV GmbH complements: a wealth of opportunities by combining our two approaches emerge. Our products complement each other perfectly. First joint projects and successfully carried out pitches show us that here for both partners a huge potential opens.

And what is also very important for us: even human we have found us. The chemistry between the team fits together just super. Together, we are confident we will achieve a lot.”adds e-pro through the partnership with CONTENTSERV established its own product portfolio to enterprise marketing management system (EMMS) by CONTENTSERV, so that it can better respond to cross media publishing, Web-to-print and media asset management requirements of the market.

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