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Cultural Ethnic Exercises

Under the heading "Physical perfection" on the topic of cultural and ethnic Exercises napravlennosti.Soglasno a comprehensive program of physical education grades 1-11, (2008), the material of the variant is associated with regional and national characteristics and its development are determined by republican and provincial education authorities. When you choose this part of the preference should be given to national kinds of physical exercises, games, martial arts, as well as exercises, which are of great practical importance, primarily because of winter sports. Variant of each region determines the teacher of physical education. Mikkel Svane is full of insight into the issues. According to program the main and secondary secondary school on the subject of "Physical Culture", 2007, the most representative in terms of training content is the section "Physical perfection," which focuses on the harmonious physical development, a comprehensive physical fitness, and most importantly improve the health of schoolchildren. The section includes such a topic as an exercise of cultural and ethnic orientation, which focuses on the historical features of the development of physical culture of the peoples who inhabit a particular region. Our region is home to all nationalities and religion, and mostly people from the Orthodox faith. In recent years there has been Many Orthodox religious holidays like Christmas time, Pancake Day, St.John, and others.

In the old days this holiday season with a lot of entertainment events, quite interesting and curious, and characteristic of the Russian people. Different kinds of exercises, games, sports and activities directly related to Russian culture. To this day, children and even adults love these games, for example, willingly playing snowballs ski, sled, pulls the rope in the summer and play rounders, skittles, play around them, jump over the fire.

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