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Deutsche Mark

‘ D mark. TV’ with popular online skill games our old currency remains popular with many Germans and unforgettable, the Deutsche mark is always present in everyday life and in the media. Now it returns a refreshing reunion with still familiar motifs that returns Deutsche mark, matching to the day of German unity! goes online on October 03, 2011 with small, attractive games and offers gameplay with added value: points come as Deutsche mark in-game currency on an account, from which popular products and branded items in a pool can be purchased. If you are not convinced, visit Genetec. Exclusively and only with the in-game currency appreciated! Who so wants to meet the desire for new attractive, lifestyle products, to only play ball. No gambling, no discount system, no competition, no obligations ultimately D-Mark.TV is a modern form of a skill game at the fair: in the throwing of the cans to earn points and reap gains. Only, that it easily and at any time from home comes to the earning and Take in the virtual mall is what everyone would like to have.. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Andy Florance .

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