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Diamond Exchange

It so often referred to … Psychic, telekinetic, clairvoyant Ronnie Marcus. He recently expressed his desire to visit Russia. "I hope to see you soon in Moscow", – told me Ronnie Marcus. – I know that people in Russia have a very high awareness of the phenomenon of psychic energy.

" So begins an interview with Natalia Zhebit, which is published in the newly posted 13 issue of the newspaper "Steps Oracle" on page 13, under the heading phenomenon. Roni Marcus call today, along with the most famous psychics – Wolf Messing, Uri Geller, Wang said. Russian writer and scholar – a geophysicist member PEN Club in Sydney, Evgeny Tsvetkov, who had seen him repeatedly demonstrate, compared them with the ball Woland – there was a feeling he had once, during a meeting in a closed club at the Diamond Exchange in Israel. "Roni Marcus – it sees a psychic and telekinetic. He was quite famous in the world community. I was on his ideas more than once when I lived abroad. And even then he predicted a great future and world fame. It happened.

This is a really big phenomenon. I, as a scientist trying to understand what he was doing, and participated in a demonstration of his experiments. He drives a car blindfolded, finds missing, bend solid metal objects without touching them, incapacitate technique demonstrates a variety of unique features, which generously endowed by nature. Worked with him and the scientists and the military, trying to unravel his phenomenal abilities. I think the explanation can be found in time science "… Even more interesting evidence about the phenomenon of Roni is on a personal site writer Igor Guberman, where he recalls: "I once saw a miracle … in Israel. And in a city for its history of miracles navidalisya. In Jerusalem, it was. And perhaps this is miracle to repeat. But the best scientists of the country refuse to even look because the collapse of their world view, as if life will come to nothing, and will be poisoned mind the inability to explain what they saw. I understand them. My friend, seeing this, slightly moved mind. No, not for long, for three days, but the effect was obvious. Still: he was the first in my life (I – already the fifth time), watched the triumph of spirit over matter … "A miracle? Tricks? No, not an illusion. Details – in the first interview Ronnie Marcus for Russian readers.

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