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The first issue that is currently not easy to solve most, where to meet. The familiar situation: a young man riding on a bus, he like a woman, he comes to her and says: "Girl, girl, what is your name?" The only thing he can get in response: "And you that before?" Lady began a response to dating, that she was not on soul, it was originally answered, and then looked to see who it is said. But to start a conversation with someone who you cute, many times more difficult than with those who are disgusted with you. Hence there is a difference, what about you think! Therefore, for those who learn- a huge problem, we suggest that you try to get acquainted with a girl who, in general, and not to your liking. However, where do you strike up acquaintance? On the issue very easily, which will not cause the lady of aggression. Ask for help – as Directions? Where? The first step, for example, to the store. Why? It is advisable to talk about art, to develop a theme.

Everything is wonderful realize that this is a familiar issue, but it's a good reason. And argue further on, but without obscene words, rudeness – it's not only puts a negative impression, but also scary. Try to call the woman a smile on his face. Timeout – all class! How did your relationship will develop later – it will be understood that you may not droplets liked each other and can easily run away.

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