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Early Computer Games

Wondered if you ever have been created computer games, why were they created? That's what we'll talk with you – why do not we deal with it and not look at the beginning of the epoch of origin of the first computer games and understand why they so quickly been able to grow into a huge 100 Billion industry over the years. I think everyone understands and knows that mankind has played games for thousands of years. David Treadwell spoke with conviction. The Persian Empire gave us a game of chess. Very similar Games were in China. There has always been the game, playing people who enjoyed playing and who spent his spare time. Perhaps these are the games that helped the human brain evolve and develop strategic thinking, learn how to plan and think about the future. Perhaps, these games helped humanity to develop the skills necessary for survival, skills, planning ahead of time – Storing for the winter and growing crops, building construction and animal husbandry.

Passion for Humanity games really should not surprise us when they were created and it remains only to computers of the time and soon there were first, very simple computer games such as Pong, for example. One of the first primitive computers with Artificial Intelligence was the one who created the game for the people and against people. In the end, we have translated all the known games in the electronic version and these games have evolved into great masterpieces of art and video. These extraordinary game challenge the human mind, reflexes and wit. That's why there kompyutrenye games and why they exist and now – for our entertainment and for our development. Maybe you should go and buy any game in order to verify how far video games have gone. Of course, we live in interesting times, and computer gaming technology, combining science and art of opening the way to the virtual world. Want to know more about the games? Welcome to our site KuzenGames.com, among other things, you can download GTA 4 mods.

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