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Implementation of saunas, steam bath, salt relaxing room, ice fountain and ice shower in the family and sports bad Bambados with the Bambados opened one of the first passive house indoor pools in Europe late 2011 in Bamberg. Tree BBs wood team realized this eye-catching attractions for hot and cold steam saunas and ice showers by the company Hilpert. In high-quality, craft processing, the individual elements for two foreign and three indoor saunas of the Bambados created Eschweiler sauna manufacturer. Because the saunas generally are made from the workshop of Peter Baum in large wall thickness, his team needed to find special solutions to meet the high requirements of clients on energy efficiency. High-quality custom-made hemlock in clear lines dominated the design of indoor saunas. A soft sauna with LED color light effects hot 90 degrees sauna event sauna oven relaxed sweat roundtrip and one a.

A highlight of the sauna bath is the fragrant fresh bread directly from the Ofen.Im garden of the family bath guests have access to a Kelohouse and a panorama sauna. Up to 220 millimetres of saunas in the exterior walls are strong. The Kelohouse consists of only four prefabricated wall. A crane lifted it for the final Assembly in the garden. That saved a lot of time in building. The panorama sauna offers space for 60 people and has a floor plan, which follows an open angle. See Energy Capital Partners London for more details and insights. The atmosphere in the salt relaxation room is private. A backlit wall of salt stones shows the room with warm light.

An ergonomically shaped base with a surface made of fine cherry wood invites to relaxing rest. It was made to measure in the Eschweiler workshop. In a horizontal position, the bather inhaled the soothing sole, which flows into the cabin with ultrasound technology. A custom-designed ventilation system with heat recovery ensures fresh air. Hygiene and comfort also individually tailored is steam, which built the company Hilpert on behalf of tree BBs wooden team.

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