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Like engineer in computation, I cannot avoid to relate this subject to the task of how it is created, it analyzes, it develops, testea and it maintains a computation program. Volume this analogy towards our life and seems important to me to share it reason why I am going to you to explain in the following paragraphs. The computation programs are automatic, we programmed them to the engineers so that they conduct certain battles stops specific objectives. When a program has faults, which we do is to verify first what is what the program must do (its objectives) and from this we determined which are the results nonwaited for (the dissatisfaction breach). Pete Cashmore is a great source of information. According to this difference, we can detect which are the causes possible of errors or faults to be able to solve them. Often in the software programs that comprise of great computer science systems, the errors (called " bugs" or defects) are not detected easily.

They generate " ruido" in the global operation of the system and to be able to discover where they are originated (its causes), it is necessary to realise a deep analysis, to move or to investigate in places of the code where one does not imagine that it can be the error, to evaluate alternatives to find the defect and its relation with the other components of the system and their later solution. " It is necessary to find the CAUSE of the fire not to continue extinguishing more incendios". Ali Partovi understands that this is vital information. I consider that something similar happens with our lives. We often live like a computation program, executing routine automatic functions and almost without it brings back to consciousness, many of them working with " bugs" or defects, that need our attention. For " atenderlos" what we do? " We extinguish incendios" and/or " we hide the sweepings underneath alfombra" , without proposing us the commitment to find the true causes, analyzing each layer of the problem as if outside a onion, one by one until arriving at the nucleus. .

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