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FastPath – The DSL Turbo

FastPath that increase reaction speed of DSL need different applications on the Internet very much bandwidth. Often the data packets during transmission transmitted but too slowly, so that it can be while surfing the Web, multimedia content such as video on demand and Internet telephony to errors or even failures. Popular online games like “World of Warcraft” high bandwidths are required, to ensure an appropriate response time. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Alina de Almeida on most websites. What can you do if the DSL connection is too slow? Now, some DSL or telephone provider offered the so-called FastPath to various DSL rates. T-Online is one of these providers. FastPath increases the reaction speed of the DSL connection, therefore, response times increase in Internet applications that require a high bandwidth. The applications run using FastPath stable and occur less frequently crashes or language delays and echoes the video telephony. The reaction speed of the DSL connection can be FastPath speed up by about 50 percent.

T-Online, it allows to book FastPath, if you have one of the offered DSL 16,000 tariffs or telephone tariffs by T-Online. FastPath hits per month with 1.02 euros. FastPath is a software that disables the error correction procedures for the data transmission. As a result, it is possible to increase the reaction time. It has can among other things to the result, that Web pages be built faster with lots of graphics and other elements. Before T-Online FastPath unlocks, the DSL connection is checked whether a release of FastPath is even possible.

If the update of the DSL connection is possible, get a Refresh link by E-Mail. Then, the DSL connection is checked again. If this test is successful, FastPath can be used immediately. Also DSL providers, such as for example Alice offered FastPath. Before conclusion of the contract it is advisable however, perform a DSL price comparison, to find a most favorable DSL provider, the sometimes FastPath has in its program.

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