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The American of Japanese origin has already written 9 books through their experiences in the new digital era, among them the best sellers: how to go mad to your competitors and the art of start. It has now created his own venture capital company, Garage Technology Ventures, where tries to discover the inventions of garage looking to succeed through new technologies. Follow others, such as Pete Cashmore, and add to your knowledge base. As stated to the audience of FICOD, all the start-ups that use high technology have begun with two people in his garage creating a product that they need to make your life easier. Thus arose the companies that have revolutionized our time like Yahoo or Google. Kawasaki has also spoken of new formats of marketing in the era of 2.0 technology. Once again emphasizes the need to focus on ordinary people, initiatives like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, have triumphed by being massively accepted by normal people, not by rich, brilliant famous or experts. Gone are those days in which major publications told everyone what to do, now are the users themselves who have the power to generate viral marketing and decide that product or service triumphs and which fails.

Making use of his personal experiences as a parent family and professional experiences as partner of Steve Jobs, who admires for know sell their dream masterfully, Kawasaki has managed charm those attending the event, who have not lost detail of their advice and have enjoyed with his constant jokes, almost all to disparage Microsoft. This plenary has inaugurated the program of FICOD 2010 which, from today until Thursday, will cover through lectures, workshops, round tables and everything to do with the digital era special actions. Meeting point in which more than 15,000 professionals, nearly 300 media, 200 speakers and more than 120 companies will gather.

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