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Altraterra author Yvonne Pioch published a second book in the PoD proceedings Frankfurt, December 13, 2012. A story in 24 chapters”is the subtitle of Yvonne Piochs new novel of men Backomat”, which can be read freely as an advent calendar 24 consecutive days or even in one piece. The book was released on November 26, 2012. Thematically, it enters the men Backomat”to the Frankfurt single woman Alice, who hankers after an unsuccessful online dating experience, she could be the perfect man bake. “She then enters the year 2312 and given the opportunity to design a retort man on a computer the be nostalgic Backomat” is called.

“With my new book, I would like to raise the question what, perfect ‘ means finding a partner and whether a partnership worked really better if you could bake is the opposite”, says Yvonne Pioch. I think that this question plays an important role in times of online dating and of a number of single-person households.” Also you second book has published the editor and social media consultant from Frankfurt in the print-on-demand process and made everything himself by writing about the editing, the record and the cover design. I feel contacted a Publisher at all, if the success of the book in my hand and I”, she says. The book is available via amazon.de as a print version, as well as E-book for the Kindle. The men Backomat: A history in 24 chapters. By Yvonne Pioch. Publisher: CreateSpace, 26 November 2012. 56 pages.

ISBN: 978-1481059626. price: 5,89 about Yvonne Pioch: Yvonne Pioch was born in Dusseldorf in 1980 and spent her childhood and youth in Ratingen. After graduating, she studied comparative literature, English, and computer science at the University of Essen. Internships in the Arts section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the news agency AP led her in 2005 in their new homeland, to Frankfurt. Today, she lives as a freelance writer, lecturer and social-media consultant in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. Altraterra, her first Novel is the beginning of a fantasy trilogy.

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