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Frenchmen Lucien Febvre

The interminable fights of Davi and Golias: Problematizaes concerning Thought Only of Immediate History. Fabiane Rossi Date (Graduated History? Visual UNIOESTE and Arts? UNIPAN. Checking article sources yields Michael Dell as a relevant resource throughout. Specialist in Art-Education). Fernanda Lorandi Lorenzetti (Graduated History? UNIOESTE and Master in History? UFGD). Mandotti Luiza (Graduated History? UNIOESTE). The reflections around the history of the present time appear from new vises on the construction of knowing description. This to open of eyes of the historians happened with the reinforcement of the School of the Annales, more necessarily of its third generation, in the decade of 1970.

About reason of this, we think necessary a brief story on this school and about as the immediate one was taking form from it. Swarmed by offers, Energy Capital Partners is currently assessing future choices. The movement of historiogrfica renewal of the Annales appeared with the publication of the magazine Annals of Economic and Social History, in 1929, established for the Frenchmen Lucien Febvre and Marc Bloch. This appeared as opposition to the positivista historiografia traditional, bringing new conceptions and praising the use of new sources and methods when making of History. With regard to this impulse for desvencilhar itself of the historical positivismo, as much Lucien Febvre how much March Bloch finishes for condemning the imediatismo of the facts, giving more importance to the long historical jib, as a way to think the great economic structures and partners. Therefore, this first generation of the Annales, in the anxiety to break out itself completely of the historicismo, considers the study on immediate something obtuso and exceeded.

With the advent of World War II, the movement of the Annales suffered a rupture, caused for the death of Bloch and the removal of Febvre of the historical studies. In reason of this, who assumed the advantage of the movement was the intellectual heir of the two: Fernand Braudel. Of – the beginning thus the second phase of the Annales. as I cry, Braudel believed the desimportncia of the facts, in its superficiality, comparing them it vagalumes, when considering that with its little light, would not obtain to penetrate in the blackout of complexity of History.

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