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FRS: Past-Present-Future

21 December 2004 the Russian Federation Ministry of Taxes and Levies as an entity was registered with the Office of the Federal Registration Service for the Kirov region. From 1 January 2005 it had commenced their powers. For three years in the Office accumulated a wealth of information, which can become shared with the media. That this goal has been devoted, held Jan. 31 press conference "The outcome of the Federal Registration Service for the Kirov region in 2007 and tasks for 2008." Registration of Immovable Property Rights As the head of the Office, Chief Registrar Ivan Kazakov, "the apparatus of departments of the Office and its 13 separate divisions in the districts in the past year have done a great job. As part of the Administrative Regulations on the State Registration of Rights to immovable property and transactions with them were active registration division of the Office serving the city of Kirov. Since April 2007, carried out pilot implementation of the Administrative Regulations Kirovo-Chepetsk department.

In order to provide convenience for citizens created a separate division in the Kirov region Novovyatsk farthest from the center, which began work in May 2007. It simultaneously serves Uninskij and Kumensky areas. From its inception until the end of the year staff Novovyatsk department has already taken more than 6000 applications for registration of rights to property, which is certainly not bad unloaded departments of the regional center. In Overall, despite the sharp increase in the amount of work, employees of our Office not admitted a single breach of the terms of registration and issuance of information, there are no complaints about queues, red tape when receiving or issuing documents. Not for nothing that the main objective which we set ourselves is to create maximum conditions for fruitful work with the citizens. " During 12 months of 2007, the number of applications received for registration of rights to Real estate has increased by 4,5%.

At 3.1% increase in the number of registration actions, 12% – of applications for information from the Unified State Register of Rights. In absolute terms this amounted to more than 162 thousand applications for registration, registration of more than 159 thousand and 107 thousand of Action issued upon application statements and certificates of registered title (see table). In addition, the concerned agencies and organizations issued about 459 thousand properties. The most significant increase in the number of applications received in the Soviet states, and Orichevskom areas.

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