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In the Internet search engines diagnosed with glaucoma 'falls immediately after the new-fashioned' Glamour '. A disease that does not select victims: if you work all day long at the computer, or work outdoors, the chance to get sick it is always there. Head of the Ophthalmology Department Hospital 83 Armine ghazaryan tells of how not to run disease, and on modern methods of its treatment. Glaucoma – a disease which develops atrophy of the optic nerve and visual field constriction due to increased intraocular pressure. This leads to a narrowing of visual fields, and as a result of optic atrophy. It is important to remember: this is a chronic, progressive disease.

If glaucoma is diagnosed once, then it remains for life and can lead to total blindness. Unfortunately, it was obliged to note – glaucoma is not a disease that loudly declares itself. A person can live with it for several years, and not even be aware of this. The most common form – open-angle glaucoma – occurs without any kind of symptoms. Usually, people start to worry somewhere on the second or third stage disease. A total of four, with the latter – it is blindness.

Sometimes, however, the disease makes itself known. If the intraocular pressure increased greatly, there are rainbow circles around lights, or periodically if the vision obscured. I want to appeal to readers: beware. If one eye sees well, problems with vision in the other eye, we simply do not notice. Do not be lazy sometimes cover one eye and look around to others.

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