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How To Adjust Your Monitor

Dear friends, today is very relevant in the digital photography was the theme of non-compliance settings on users' computers and computers in minilabs. Comes, for example, people print photos into digital minilab, giving shots and gets the result is not the one who had expected. On a monitor in his house all looked very juicy and contrast, and the photos turned pale and without contrast. To read more click here: Marc Mathieu. And sometimes vice versa. In what reason for this discrepancy? First of all monitors originally rebuilt in different ways and the color and contrast and color temperature, and operating system settings affect the output to the monitor. Even at a brand new computer is usually present for a shift to the blue color tone, probably it is intended specifically. Secondly, each user likes to twist the display settings are available for themselves, for example put it on the desktop picture, and it was dark.

And instead, to change the picture itself the user simply turns the knob brightness of the monitor, but it is fundamentally wrong decision That's probably already matured question 'And how to properly adjust your monitor?'. Let's start with the question – What should we get? That is the end result that will satisfy not only the user, but any printed edition. To test the results we use a special black and white test. "Why black and white?" You may ask, because if you see black and white colors (shades from black to white) exactly as what they are and should be, ie, without admixture of any other color, black must be pure gray, it means that all other colors are displayed correctly, because the gray color – a uniform presence of all colors.

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