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International Dating Sites: Reasons For The Popularity

Why Russian women are increasingly looking for a husband abroad? The reasons for this phenomenon in our modern life are numerous. This social vulnerability, especially single mothers, and women's unemployment, which is known to always higher than men's. But the main reason at the moment is the crisis over the usual model of family relations. That often represents the average Russian family? Almost complete lack of interest to the usual family values. Concepts such as loyalty, sincere attitude, unity, love for children are almost worthy of ridicule. If a man – a respectable family man, in the eyes of others, he often henpecked. If a woman is not keen on achieving their personal goals, is not seeking a career, spending time in close family circle in taking care of their households, often looking at her as uninteresting person.

On the other parties abroad has not lost interest in the simple family . Western men, full of plenty of entrepreneurial and rational countrywomen, refuse to make them family. In our age of high technology has become very easy to establish contacts with the world. And not necessarily for dating with a foreigner becomes even knowing his mother tongue. International dating provide services online translator for their clients. In addition, entrance fee for men is a guarantee of its serious intentions. For women, as a rule, admission is free.

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