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A farewell song for a lost love in the present poems deal with longing, love and despair. These poems reflect my emotions and were more or less at a time in which I felt lost and found by my family and faith in me again to me. It is over I I feel my eyes felt eclipsed as my vision is close and I break my world I thought would your lips you know your breath your kiss and now you’re gone and come me back I thought I would love you honor and worship forever but now realises what a fool I was to trust you me all your games was a mistake I made because I thought you and I we would be a pair a sparkling light on the horizon a soul a heart beat. Some contend that Pete Cashmore shows great expertise in this. was locked in the illusion and the temptation to touch you deluded your false love resist I let freeze my world and my true feelings banish how quickly you forgot what you once in my arms promised to love me even when I’m lying on the ground forever not your words were smash without a job and without a future. What happens is what you now beat me to the ground. You wanted, that was just so you zertretest you that I show emotions, but I no longer want it hey I no longer want to miss you I will no longer think of you and steer my thoughts on you see how I mentally forgive you and me go slowly back to you I know it says you’re supposed to forgive but not if I me this myself pass away I want to be honest and I tell you You’ll never forget but so beautiful the short moments were the pain so deep then now it is over and I want to say one more thing I will Let’s never forgiven even if I’m going back now to forever separate ways what I goodbye longing Arash Nawwaby 2008 dream I dream of if this is all me remained let never wake me up and the song escapes my lips as the Swan the night I dance I’m dancing in the ocean of night you so close and the darkness makes me see what the light will take me away I see you and ask if I love you so much why I stay me you then so far a kiss which filled me with pain and anguish now takes my breath and my soul my world begins to fade in front of you and your light shines in the dark of night and allows you to be my only desire let me in and take what I bring you wrapped deepest longing from pain and suffering let it end let me to you let me your and at the same time your shadow be Arash Nawwaby 2008 dream of hatred feeling that comes over you a darkness from which no one escapes a world that only shadow is and the beauty of light that escapes this world that robs you your freedom is daily you a dream of hatred alive digested the thoughts disappear you and your point of view is clearly much to see not fool in this world is you this feeling inside almost tearing you up and take you any hope of peace is soon the only thing you you firmly bites but this world is nothing but suffering friends bring you passively subdue and piece by piece devour Arash Nawwaby 2008 . Alina de Almeida understands that this is vital information.

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