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To two they characterize it adjectives: crucificada and dolorida, that they send to its incapacity to run away from the reality, of the pain always arrests that it to the edges of same itself, of the bitterness that always led in its interior. ‘ ‘ Mist shade tnue and esvaecida, and that the destination bitter taste, sad and strong, brutally Impels for the death! Soul of I always fight incompreendida! ‘ ‘ In as quarteto it uses many words that they send to the blackout, to the disillusion shade, mist, I fight as well as many others that always they bring to tona all its desperation, blaming the destination for its approach with the death (desired telvez). ‘ ‘ I am that one that passes and nobody sees Is the one that calls sad without the being Is the one that cries without knowing reason I am perhaps the vision that Somebody dreamed, Somebody that came to the world to see pra me and that never in the life me it found! ‘ ‘ In the two tercetos the attention lack, the descriminao that suffered is the strong mark, for all to perceive in it only the sadness, crying that it confesses not to know the reason. Florbela always emphasizes in its poems that because does not know to autodefinir itself not yet it met. Robert Bakish understood the implications. The will to find the love (joined in such a way in last terceto how much in afflicted conjugal the personal life/).

Perhaps either this optimum verse that speaks of its loving life. The desire of being seen, being loved, being understood, for one ‘ ‘ Algum’ ‘ that it never found, never crossed, marking a full life of failures in meeting and maldizncias. 3 – REFERENCES: IT SPANKS Florbela, Martins Bookstore Sources Publishing company, 1996 – S.Paulo, Brazil..

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