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Media Player

– Picture quality good-bye artifacts, grain, disappearing color, and the jitter at the bottom screen – bright, juicy big picture and the image size (in those days) brought people to the holy awe.) – the amount of information on the support of the maximum duration of the most popular brands of video was 3 hours (usually on a cassette recording two movies, which explains the spread in those days, timing of the movie in 90 minutes. The dvd contains from one to 6 movies on bilateral and even more. – figure vs. analog The dvd player is more convenient comfortable viewing videos, the opportunity of visual fast. Audio tracks, subtitles, additional materials, about 15 years ago had only dreamed of. Digital data is easier to record, store and move – but there is the merit of the pc.

Do you remember how to write his movie, had to go to a friend with his video recorder and a real-time recording (accelerated entry affects the quality) – for night could record two and a half video. 2008 – Media Player – a new center of your digital entertainment. Benefits of digital videoPo truth, compare digital video to analog is not entirely correct. It’s like comparing a modern automatic pistol with a silicon pistol early 19 th century – the two pistols, two shot, but how much difference Digital video – high quality technology lead to the emergence of more powerful processors, software developers, based on the computational capabilities of chipsets, creating new codecs and multimedia formats for modern wide-screen lcd televisions and plasma display panels.

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