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Minas Gerais

For Paiva (2001, p.39) the formaocultural was not given of linear form, uniform and harmonica. Additional information is available at Mikkel Svane . Many had been osconflitos, the adaptations and the arrangements throughout the period. Darcy Stacom, New York City takes a slightly different approach. It is evident that I am not sugerindouma linear formation of this cultural universe, nor I am loaning to it umaharmonia, that, in fact, little existed. As much its process of formation how much aconvivncia in the interior of it if had given (and if gives) in namaioria conflituosa way dasezes, even so has, also, constant adaptations, arrangements and acordosque aims at its preservation. Paiva (2001, P. 41) the preservation of these practical culturaisocorreu through approaches and removals in agreement idea defended for Paiva (2001, p.40): The conformation and the cultural preservation douniverso are given, then, through the approaches and removals, dasintersees, of the intervention of spaces individual and collective, private ecomuns, that they involve so diverse dimensions of the life how much to the one of the material, dautensilagem and of the techniques; of the customs and traditions, of practical and the cultural dasrepresentaes; of mythology and the religion; of the physicist and concrete, imaginary dopsicolgico and; of the language and the writings; of the domination, daresistncia and I transit of it between them: of the temporality and the espacialidade; dascontinuidades and of the discontinuities; of the memory and history. Everything implicadocom the fields of the politics and the economic one, provoking continuous reordenaese mutually social constructions.

In this manner, it is observed formation and apreservao of which had a cultural identity, sufficiently plural to the influences: European, African and aboriginal, favoring a bastantepeculiar cultural wealth. These multicultural peculiarities had been disclosed, mainly, in the language, culinria, music, dance, religion, amongst others. Conclusion Concludes that the Africans had had umpapel important in the process of Brazilian cultural formation, therefore through dainsero its practical and its customs in the Brazilian society contriburampara the formation of a cultural identity afro – Brazilian. REFERENCES ANTONIL, Andres Joo. Culture and Opulence of Brazil. BeloHorizonte: Itatiaia: So Paulo: EDUSP, 1982.

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