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National Industrials

A necessary executive of success to have excellent abilities of management, abstract reasoning, planning, communication, persuasion and administration of the time, among others. This makes of it one ' ' executive especialista' ' , and not a generalista. These factors influence directly in its success as executive. Nobody is imported if this executive is an excellent surfista or if it knows to walk of skids. These abilities are practically irrelevant to form a success executive. When you to think about one ' ' especialista' ' , it thinks about all the abilities that are related with that specialty. She is necessary to more than know what a programming language to be a programmer specialist, more than what to know to offer something to be a selling specialist, more than what to know to elaborate a cronograma to be a controlling specialist. But if you to want to have success, you you go to need to be a specialist in some field.

SHP was a pioneering Brazilian company, in focar in the necessities specifies of the National Industrials. The SHP is today one of the biggest companies in technology of the country, taking care of the segments of inks, metallurgy, cosmetics, chemistry with the following services: Shp SOFTWARE: Developing and implementing system ERP Jad de enterprise Gesto and development of demands you specify. Shp WEB: Development saw Internet, adaptation of technologies focada in the objective of the company. Shp TECHNOLOGY: Responsible for the development of technologies you criticize. Today, the SHP is much more that a company, is icon in SOLUTION for all the companies. The SHP, with more than 20 years, is a company who gives to services innumerable companies to make the best choices in a world that if moves fast excessively and needs who constantly sees the front.

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