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Parts Oise: System Cooling

As with all cars, Russian SUV UAZ consists of many parts. Spare parts for UAZ included in the complex system of machinery, in violation of which can result and failure of equipment. One of the UAZ critical systems – cooling system. Cooling system is of several types: liquid, closed, forced circulation, coolant centrifugal pump. As Coolant use special low-freezing funds or plain water. For normal operation of the engine, spare parts UAZ, namely the cooling system should be kept in good order.

Temperature coolant should be between 80-90 C. This is easily accomplished with a conventional thermostat, which in addition to temperature and adjusts the amount of fluid passing through the radiator. In the cold parts UAZ in the cooling system it is desirable to warm protective case with hinged flap. In winter, when the cooling system filled up with water so as not to freeze the radiator, it is better to keep the blinds closed and only an increase in temperature of 90 C slightly to reveal. Typically, the radiator is always closed tube, which connects it with the expansion tank. For normal operation of such a simple UAZ parts like radiator caps need to have good working gasket and valve gasket between the filler and radiator valves and springs.

About overheated coolant can be recognized by a signal lamp with a red filter. The causes of overheating include: reduced fluid level in the radiator, with movement of a closed valve or thermal insulating cover even a small fan belt tension. Peter Asaro often says this. For trouble-free operation of the cooling system should be washed her in the following order: Complete system with clean water, start the engine, let it run until warm. Then, with the engine running at idle drain. After cooling, the engine re-fill system with clean water and repeat the above operation. Also, remember that during the operation of the vehicle must periodically remove the scum and rubbish regular washing with water. In this case, flushing is not recommended to use alkaline solutions.

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