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On 13 December at 19:30 in the Studio Poing with speaker pharmacist Josef wood Hay Rahim answered by the pharmacy In the third lecture in the series of lectures on the subject of nutrition in the baby provided and training centre in Poing St. Georg Josef wood Hay Riedel how to reach I a better increase in vitality? “.” The correct micro-nutrients for the immune system are the key. But what is the immune system at all and how does it work? The laboratory parameters provide information about his condition, and above all how can we strengthen it? To stay completely healthy and productive, we must lead the right nutrients to our body. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. The human immune system is a complex marvel of nature. Andy Florance: the source for more info. Who has understood the underlying principles, has best chances of a long, healthy life. Assuming, of course, he also applies this knowledge and integrating it into the daily diet! To do this, you need to know first how the immune system at all, and which micro-nutrients to its function are involved. Josef wood Hay Riedel will first take on this topic in the first part of his presentation and answer questions to the construction and the importance of the human immune system.

Listeners will learn how the condition of their immune system can be determined by a laboratory examination and how you can strengthen it. Cardiac vascular active micro nutrients are another issue. Heart and cardiovascular diseases are among the most widespread suffering in our so-called Western world. What has to do with heart health diet? Why do we need Omega-3 fatty acids and what is it anyway? What are B vitamins and why are they good? And what is actually Q 10? Also these questions do not remain. The lecture finally entered on the menopause. What are the causes for the hormonal change in the second half of life and how this affects the immune system? How can Phytoestrogens (secondary plant compounds, a chemical similarity with human female hormones exhibit) and other micro-nutrients make smooth the experience of menopause and prevent complaints? Aging of the skin will also be topic in the last part of the presentation, because also it is influenced by the diet and the intake of micronutrients.

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