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Poetry And Literature

The first monument of our literature, preserved almost integrally, is that epic poem entitled sing del Mio Cid, composed half of the 12th century, because he is not known none known and extensive, dated prior to 1,140, although it is stated that there were at least two poems about Fernan Gonzalez, three on los infantes of Lara, one on the legendary Bernardo del Carpio and another about Garci Fernandez and infante Garcia. all these poems some rebuilt allow us to affirm the existence of a great epic, in terms of its significance is concerned, marking the first literary monuments of Spanish national literature. Many have been the theories explaining the emergence of these songs and heroic deeds of their influences by various cultures, of the emergence of the metric, its evolution over the centuries, but my exposure will not be based on the history of poetry, but maintain that it is truly important concervarla, rescue her and disclose it because of the importance of the same from his birth to the society ; society which must not lose sight that this genre of Hispanic literature is as we said a literary monument, poetry is a work of art, if it were not for its beauty, its structure, its metric, its metaphor, his poetic flight, his pace and his singing, among other various forms and techniques of creating it, not serious what is: Poetry. All poetry aesthetically and socially conditioned by who writes it, as well as for the person or audience for whom it is created. In brief tour and bringing me more to our current era, we could say that already at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth Centuries, arises within the Hispanic poetry what we call elmodernismo, eminently poetic, highly influenced by French poetry movement.

We started to see a shift in the structure and poetic form, freedom metric, which already came from the romanticism but that sehace more to this then emerging the polimetria, transformation of stanzas, imitation of the Greco-Roman metric, can indeed count on poets of the stature of: Ruben Dario, Miguel de Unamuno, Antonio Machado, Ramon Inclan, Salvador Rueda, delValle and emerge in parallel also forms within these modernist poets and in fact arises the post modernism. Thus, in our century have arisen different literary currents, delpost-modernism, passed to the avant-garde and then to generations of 1927, 1936, where the traditional rhythms of verse, break disappears fixed stanza scheme, accentuates the use of free verse, but again poets of the generation of 1936, taken back to some classic such as the sonnet and romance forms. From 1939 the poetry takes Gable, free verse and certain classical forms, as the sonnet, romance, the tenth, lascuartetas, lire, Alexandrian verses of art major, free, among others. This short introduction I want to split to expose certain concerns of my soul with you: because the thousands and millions of poets, which today all are, we are clearing and hinting that rhymed poetry and majestically slender, not modern or not used.

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