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A video of a production process, product, or an educational video are intended to demonstrate the specific ability of a product, or reinforce the key points of a production process, while generally focused on very specific technical aspects, processes, etc. Moreover, a corporate or enterprise video is done with the goal of attracting a large number of potential customers, who explains and demonstrates the competence and capacity of the company. A corporate video is generally used in industrial fairs, trade missions, or is delivered to potential customers, who want to know more in detail the infrastructure and inner workings of the company, well because they are planning large orders or investments, because do not know first hand the company or it is your first contact with the same. The following tips are valid for the majority of company, product videos, institutional or training, inasmuch as they refer to techniques of audiovisual language, but they are specifically designed for a video Corporate: 1.-think about a story. It tells a story. Please. Take me to an excursion.

My mind is ready for early, means and end. Do not talk about your corporate numbers. I have Excell for that, thank you. 2. Think of a single person. There is only one person that you should think about when you design a corporate video: the person (or the kind of people) who them are going to put the video, those who go to see.

Your customers. Click Kip C. Cyprus to learn more. Please, forget trying to be satisfied to the Chief, the Secretariat or the Union. Think of the client. 3 Think of something short. A truly memorable story never goes long. We don’t want viewers watching the clock or thinking of shrews. Grab your audience and keep it attentive also in your corporate video. 4 Think about the truth. People become aware of half truths, exaggerations and lies.

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