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Social Media User Conference

06th September 2012 Germany’s oldest social-media conference at the Fachhochschule Cologne since 2006 social media researchers, practitioners, and other enthusiasts in Cologne gather to exchange ideas and to bring up to date of theory and practice. Prof. Dr. Matthias Fank aligns the social media user Conference of the Institute of information sciences at the University of applied sciences Cologne this year. The lecture series, which is already an established institution, waiting in her fifth year with speakers of from well-known companies. So 2012 including Jack Wolfskin, ING DiBa, the Pro7Sat report. 1 Media AG, or 3 M from their experiences with the social Web and its community.

What impact have the information from social media product development? How develop campaigns against corporate decisions on the net? How can the social Web are used in creative concepts? Also a blogger reports from the other side: How can a protest movement cause and control? As always, there is the possibility that the speakers after the lectures in Discussions on the tooth to feel and question the presented findings. So, not only new ideas emerge as the communication on the social Web will affect areas such as marketing, PR, market research. Also suggestions for social media strategies resulting from exchanges of experience among users. As in previous years the Conference in the premises of the University of applied sciences Cologne will take place, the largest with approximately 16,500 students University of applied sciences of in Germany. The event is organized by Info speed, the social media monitoring market leader for Webknowledge ( infospeed.de).

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