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Social Media or social networks have become a new form of communication which gain more space every day, and the companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, traders and independent persons can not compete in this great medium. Social networks are not a fashion are a platform to new business and potential new customers. However, for many companies enter these social media is a task difficult, full of fears, doubts and lack of credibility in the middle. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. So before deciding to enter the social networks we invite you to know some of the most common myths that companies and people faced when implementing their strategies in Social Media Marketing. Why pay for Social Media Marketing if social networks are free although it is true that the major social networks are free, must be into account strategies that must be addressed for a presence in social networks require much time and knowledge.

So if you decide not to invest in professionals in the subject, you should know that you need time for both strategies and tactics and is sometimes better to leave the work in the hands of experts in the field and dedicate yourself to your business. I have to be present in all social networks because all are there have a presence on all the social networks as well as being a very tedious task and it requires lot of time and resources, and in most cases, it is unnecessary. It must not to be in social networks, to succeed and take advantage of them you should only focus on those networks where your customers or prospects are present and actively participate there providing content of value. What Social Media if I already have my social networks the Web are not replacement, nor a mirror of your website, are a supplement that should be part of your online strategy. Your presence in them must be participatory and collaborative.

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