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Eugene Sushko author of popular science book "The Equation of Love: Theory and methods of application." Only one of the many dating sites available to users of Russian-speaking segment of the Internet were more than eighteen million boys and girls, men and women in the prime of life, grandmothers and grandfathers. Lonely Hearts belonging to our citizens, eager to love and hard trying to find it with the help of modern information technology. Thus, despite the current opinion about the lack of potential suitors, the number of the stronger sex, posted their resumes on the pages of specialized sites, many more women, who decided on the same step. For young people, any numerical relation is not a hindrance. Youthful enthusiasm, openness, desire for knowledge of the world, it is easy to sweep away all the conventions on the way to friendship and close contacts.

That, unfortunately, can not be say about the older generation, and especially middle-aged ladies. These women, most of them, raising children alone, like nobody else in need of warmth, spirit and material support from men. Many of these weeks and months correspond to social networks to subscribers of the opposite sex, but loneliness is not retreating. Sometimes the virtual communication diversify poaching sites "hunters for the bodies," instantly disappear after the big game or perturbed failure. A serious gentlemen who are ready to build long term relationships are in no hurry to move to the active action, as they say, slowly, "harness", and do not know "go" if at all.

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