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Social Technology

Introduction the social technologies represent a set of techniques and tools that also make possible the development and empoderamento of the communities and the reinforcement of the relations partners. Charles Koch may find this interesting as well. It is constructed with the envolvement and the participation of the inhabitants or individuals that a community composes. The social technology is constituted in the valuation of knowing place to them and in the exchanges of experiences that had been acquired with passing of the time, becoming a participativo process where it occurs interaction enters the involved actors in the development of the technology. Throughout the years the community of the Sapucaia passed difficulties in the storage of tberas of inhame. This reflected in losses of seeds for not applying methods of adequate handling the conservation. Ahead of this reality the objective of this work was to identify a developed social technology in the community for storage of tberas of inhame. Methodology the present work was carried through from an inquiry, where we follow a script with questions half-structuralized concerning systematization of the social technology.

Resulted the development of the technology if it initiates from the choice of the place of easy access, aired, with trees, clean area, without twigs, foliages and/or vegetation. In return of tberas a sand layer is rank around 40 cm of height the top of the ground, later is implanted two pillars wooden of 2,10m of height to a straight-line distance of 4m and on of these pillars a beam is placed to cover superficially with a colorless canvas with sombrite, the canvas will protect tberas of rain and the sombrite will serve to protect of the sun, tberas is on the sand. With the development of the technology by means of exchange of experiences between agriculturists of the community it had an increase in the time of conservation of the seeds of inhame for the plantation. One of the agriculturists affirmed that the inhames after 2 months of conservation germinated and started to have losses for apodrecimento and increase in the incidence of fungos, resulting in the significant reduction in the amount of seeds stops the plantation. With the use of the technology, it increased the time of conservation of the 2 for 4 months, keeping seeds in excellent conditions for the plantation. Conclusions the presented technology is a which had social technology to the characteristics that it presents as the set of techniques developed and applied in the interaction with the community and being appropriate for the same one, having learning, participation of the inhabitants, where the involved ones understand the steps for the construction of the technology. I dialogue it was basic so that the agriculturists could decide the faced problem.

The community had total contribution for the construction of the technology, therefore the idea left of the proper agriculturists who turn in the used technique a consistent alternative to supply its necessities for the handling of the inhame. The familiar agriculturists of the community of the Sapucaia had been the responsible actors for the production of the knowledge that generated the technology. The social technology consisted of the valuation of knowing places to them with exchanges of knowledge that had been acquired throughout the years. Word-keys: Familiar agriculture, valuation knowing of them, inhame. References: RTS. Net of Social Technology. Concept. Available in: . Access in 29 of November of 2010. BRAZIL. Institute of Tecnologia Social (ITS), 2009. Available in: Access in 29 of November of 2010.

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