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Stephan V. Nolke Nationwide Informed Right Tone In Customer Service

Decision makers interested in the September 28, 2011 even if social media seemingly dominated developments in customer communications and customer service Cologne increasingly audio marketing and sound branding, increases the demand for information and concrete solutions in the fields of audio marketing and sound branding. A clear evidence of this is the soaring number of congresses, trade fairs and conferences, dealing specifically with multi sensory marketing and audio interface design. So, for example, the Managing Director will be the comevis GmbH & co. KG, Stephan V. Nolke, in the coming weeks at numerous events input and views on the developments in the areas of marketing of audio and sound branding. The current discussions and approaches dealing primarily with the topic of social media, are usually very limited technology and cover only one aspect of successful customer communication. The best technology in the contact center as well as the most elegant agent desktop with SMS and online chat features bring little, if the Companies in the dialogue situations is not the right tone with customers and neglected the emotionality in customer communication”, explains Stephan V. Nolke, 1 x 1 audio marketing author of books” and the 1 x 1 multi sensory marketing”.

The contact center comevis on 28 and 29 September occur on trends in Frankfurt as exhibitors and partners. Booth D4a in Hall 1 on phone and voice branding, as well as on audio-interface design of specialist premium explains his methodology of the Sonic-profiling. In addition, the company presents numerous examples of how sound productions create confidence, sales-supportive work and support the brand value perception of the consumer. In addition, an audio-CI has developed comevis for the organizers of the fair, used in clips and announcements. On October 5, Stephan V. Nolke is the marketing Club Dusseldorf in the marketing Academy answer. The evening is titled multi sense marketing with all your senses.

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