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System Preferences

Another interesting feature for sharing is how you can do something on your Mac. You simply will take the for a few minutes, and demonstrate that you wanted. Setting Up Your Mac for sharing Arrange the screen is very easy. Just go to System Preferences> Sharing and check the checkboxes are for sharing or not. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. While you are there you can also check file sharing and just decide what permissions are needed assign the rights! Now, just repeat the same steps with another Mac on your network, you want to open for sharing.

Take control So now that you're too lazy to get up and to check, just go to the Finder and look in the left sidebar for other network Mac they should appear. Choose one, and then click the second button in the column, share your screen …. Now Screen Sharing application is started, and you see the display area of the other Mac that appear in the window. It only takes a minute to get used to the fact that you still see your Mac's menu at the top, window Screen Sharing application from your Mac's menu at the top. It looks like your Menu bars. So now, when you move the cursor to this window, it will move the cursor and the other Mac, while Screen Sharing will show your current application, the commands will be sent to remote Mac.Eto means that you can not just hit CMD-Q to quit Screen Sharing if it is used. It will instead throw all the applications you are using a remotely on another Mac. You will need to use the mouse to use the menu on your Mac. Continuation of the article read here: Mac Office on a network remotely

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