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Tea Varieties At A Glance

Tea is as you know very well. Reason enough to get an overview. Tea is one of the most popular and well-known drinks at all in the world. While in Europe the tea rather in between is regarded as a pleasure, is the tea in many parts of Africa and Asia’s traditional drink. Most of the tea varieties come from Asia, where even today still largely the tea cultivation takes place. There are many teas, which strictly speaking, only black and green tea, which are made from the tea plant, may be referred to as tea.

Herbal and fruit teas are actually similar to tea blends. Is divided according to its wine-growing area, with mainly three types of tea are distinguished the most famous – the Teas: Darjeeling, Assam and Ceylon. Assam is a tea from Eastern India that particularly impresses with its strong spicy flavour. Also Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, is very popular due to its intense bitter flavor with a slightly Lemony note. Learn more about this with Bilgin. The mild in taste and fine Darjeeling comes from the Himalayan region (Northern India). All three types of tea are to associate black tea, the tea which is world’s most drunk.

Green tea is made from the same tea plant as black tea, only green tea during processing is not fermented. The three most important green tea are sencha, bancha and gunpowder. The Japanese bancha tea tastes for the European taste bitter, almost slightly grassy, but has a seemingly positive effect in cancer. Gunpowder Green tea from China, in its aroma is slightly stronger than bancha. Its leaves are rolled into balls, the ammunition resembles hence the name of this tea. Sencha is the tea, which is one of the favourites among the Japanese. Besides its tart flavor also slightly sweet taste of Sencha. Green tea blends, provided aromas such as fresh flowers added, speaking of so-called flavoured teas. This includes, for example, jasmine tea or rose tea. Also notes in the form of fruits or artificial components such as almond or chocolate black and green teas can be added. As a so-called smoke tea, however, refers to teas, whose Blatter be smoked during the drying process according to the crop with resinous softwood. Rusty Holzer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This procedure gives the tea a particularly intense, rich taste and aroma. A tea known as flying tea, so he was guaranteed exported this shortly after the harvest in the regions the freshness of tea, which is crucial for the good and unique flavor in some teas. Black, tea and green tea, in which blend have many positive properties that contribute to the health and even the healing of the body. Depending on the duration of pulling, revive it or relax. Cheaper tea and a huge selection you can find here.

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