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Maria Geni de Almeida Fortunato (Profa. of the University Estcio de S) 1 INTRODUCTION The school, as any another sector of the society, needs to learn to coexist and to interact with the new technologies of information and communication, in efficient way, so that it can fulfill its main objective: to promote the development of the pupils, in an environment of learning capable to prepare them to face the challenges of the new times. To fulfill such mission, it needs professors who have ability to act in the classroom using itself of technologies of communication and information. After all, it is lived in an age technologically developed, with infinite possibilities to attract the attention of the pupils, so that they are interested for the construction of new knowing, in new educational dynamics. To follow, a synthesis of a project directed toward the use of technologies in the exploration will be presented of content of disciplines: Practical methodology and of Alfabetizao and Letramento (Course of Pedagogia).

2 PASSAGES IN CONSTRUCTION 2,1 Technology For development of the topic Alfabetizao and Novas Technologies, a Project directed toward elaboration of activities was considered to the pupils of 5 period of the Pedagogia course having made use of the Internet, which still is in development phase. Being used, in the initial phase, available resources in the Internet (sites, blogs, videos, etc.), and at as the moment, presentation for datashow will be made (with its resources auxiliary). 2,2 Strategy Initially, it was suggested that each group made a research of interesting sites on the subject (Alfabetizao) and that it was useful in the material elaboration, or in the organization of a lesson to be worked with children in the phase of acquisition of the reading and the writing. To follow, each leader of the group was responsible for the socialization, through the email of the group, the sites between the groups and the teacher, whom also the cited research made. Without hesitation Mikkel Svane explained all about the problem.

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