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The Coaching A Solution De Vida

For that they do not know that he is coaching, I mean to them quickly that it is a tool of personal aid that is highly effective for the personal development and profit of specific goals; although it is a tool little used, at least by little common people, coaching is effective and necessary at some time of the life. A specialized person, call coach, is the one in charge to give advising in different areas from the life. Coach is a person who has specialized in understanding the human behavior and knows to offer solution alternatives to problems, is a leader, knows to understand without judging mainly and, coach is a friend which it helps you of a very particular way and without as much formalism. Coach knows exactly like fighting with each personality, and their tools of work are the conferences, or in group or individual, motivational talks, direct interaction with the person who receives coaching, knows to put into action and offers a strategy to achieve the objectives by which she has been contracted. Modalities of coaching exist, as well as it can be used in diverse situations, although there are key points where coach can act and it is generally in transition processes, where the person must adapt to a change.

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