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The state, school, society and family are entities and are indispensably. they are called Books to serve actively in all areas and levels in which processes interact formative transcendental current and the individuals who allow them to perform well in civic education. In fact, each and every one irrespective of their cultural membership, is seeking an understanding of himself to himself, the world since the early years, in search of meaning, looking for an echo of that happening in a so inexpressible. The cultural objects, books sometimes send us some echoes our thought put into operation: they transmit solutions that humans invented address the questions raised. Transmit phrases which it is possible to develop a sense cling to bounce back from adversity. The necessity of thought, to symbolize the experience, the need for stories and poems, does not belong to a particular social group. Each or every one has the right to access to knowledge and cultural property and drinking in them.

a The home: the first school and parents the first teachers. Since the enactment of the general law of education, has been creating awareness in the entire Colombian population, and that educating children is the responsibility of the family, state and society, opposition to the strongly held belief of conceiving the school as the only social space where they carry out the educational process, which in many cases has been reduced to the transmission of information. If you aim is to help train children autonomous, responsible, sympathetic and lovers of learning and knowledge, we encourage positive relationships, meaningful and enjoyable with the knowledge, making learning an adventure full of meaning and the desire and the practice of continuously learn to follow for life.

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