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Third Reich

Anti-Semites linked inner”and external enemies of the Reich” Additionally with the chimera of international Judaism. The result was the Third Reich. The paranoid personality disorder characterised by special sensitivity to rejection, wearing after perceived slights, excessive mistrust, as well as the inclination to distort events in the direction of hostile tendencies of the own person. Neutral and friendly actions of others are as hostile, putting down or contemptuously experienced. In some cases, jealousy delusions can occur which is insisted stubbornly and aggressively on unjustified suspicions regarding the sexual fidelity of partners.

People with paranoid personality disorder may tend to excessive sense of self and exaggerated self-centeredness (ICD-10-2005). It is assumed by 0.5 to 2.5 per cent concerned PhobikerInnen in the general population. For the people, the reason to interpret everything they could perceive with your five senses, as an indication of the future was always the future uncertainty and thus the fear for the future. You interpreted all possible events as God or destiny characters, or Providence, to positive or to gain negative security. The ancestors in the interaction with the gods should facilitate the earthly life as supporters. There are still lots of pagan but faith: black cats, three knock on wood, Holy pictures, crosses on the wall and other symbols for healing and blessing. Everything remains animist rotten magic BBs voodoo-magic.

Even formula 1 pilots and quantum physicist are but have faith! The numerical analysis is one of the oldest pseudo-scientific techniques of future interpretation. Astrology rather than astronomy. The ancient Greeks used the chance to roll the dice with bones at the Oracle. Prophets, Clairvoyants and seers left always on the easy faith of its adherents and disciples. My rural-oriented grandparents could see in all and every positive and negative signs: birds, clouds, events that occur by chance at the same time, me astonished the high accuracy of the forecast, such as when the weather often: farmers smart? Hermeneutics is one Theory of the interpretation of works by and about understanding.

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