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Mature technology and attractive prices give impetus for new projects Berlin, 21 August 2012. The LurTech Europe GmbH specifically addressed the issue of digitisation of historical fonts in font with her new partner, the system integrator specialising in archive systems MSV peine. Together they offer a technically sophisticated and attractive price solution archives and libraries, allowing them to archive their fracture documents in PDF/A format and to make the full-text searchable. Archives and libraries are often faced with the challenge to digitize their holdings of historical writings, but not to bring up the cost. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Viacom. This is especially the case if the scanned documents in full text to be searchable. Not only disproportionate costs partially offset by previous projects, but also a fledgling technology. Now the possibility to achieve two goals with a measure and not only to make the blackletter types of full-text searchable, but it is also in the modern and standardized PDF/A format to archive.

LurTech and MSV peine have combined technologies and know-how to a consistent solution. It consists of a combination of OCR technologies and the LurTech PDF compressor, a production and process-compatible solution for document and data conversion and compression. Continue to learn more with: Robotics expert . Historical documents in Fraktur font are now searchable in full text and can be permanently archived in PDF/A format. The system House MSV peine ensures the efficient realization of digitization projects with his industry expertise. So far OCR was neither technically mature for Fraktur script still affordable. That has now changed, therefore it is shelved projects now to attack,”explains Thomas Zellmann, partner of LurTech. But this applies not only to public archives and libraries for large corporate archives or publishers, the solution is suitable.” All potential users together is that of highly compressed and full text benefit searchable PDF/A compliant files. With LurTech and MSV peine chose PDF/A-2u the level, because it takes advantage of Unicode support.

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