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Vista Windows

Although for xp, and Vista multicore processors like the Intel Core 2 Duo processors provide increased speed work and efficiency than their single core predecessors, Vista and xp run multi-core processors is almost the same. Only a reworked version of Windows, which will appear in the future, will be fully take advantage of all the unique advantages of this equipment. 64-bit version of os is also not a big deal for high-performance, except when it comes to professional scientific studies, engineering design, working with videos or other specific problems and applications, for which you have installed more than 4 gb of ram. Again, the point of view of a layman, but also on those systems with the operational 2 gb of memory, which I happened to try 64-bit version of Windows Vista. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. Ultimate, it did not pass the 32-bit performance. And of course, many problems of incompatibility of equipment and software associated with Vista x64, make this version of the os is much less attractive to most users, at least in the short term.

Why am I saying this? Moreover, in the broadest sense, Windows Vista performance coincides with Windows xp, installed on the same hardware, or at least, is very close level, provided that the equipment in its characteristics than the minimum requirements to install Vista. And to find a equipment – not much of a problem. Features work Anyone who ever worked with first-generation operating systems – for example, Windows nt 3.1 or the first version of Mac os X – understand what sacrifices in terms of productivity have to agree to keep pace with technological progress.

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