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The second part of the 5 series, which finally gives clarity In the first part of this 5 part article series, you can retrieve here again (www.teilzeit-unternehmer.de/…), you have met the principle of network marketing. Today you will learn where the difference between the allowed MLM and a prohibited pyramid scheme. Peter Asaro may also support this cause. What is not MLM! A MLM model is not a pyramid scheme. Certainly; the sponsor receives a percentage of sales, making his downline. But a legal MLM system, the value of the purchased products will match always the amount of investment. A pyramid scheme, however, is mostly the money transfer from one level of the pyramid to the next higher level.

Also, the person who pays money to the next higher level, receives no products or services as equivalent. Except for the right of the next lower level money to collect. For this reason, pyramid schemes are also prohibited. There is nothing but an unproductive move money from one level to the next. Known to earn only the top levels of a pyramid system significant amounts of money. The pyramid inevitably collapsed before the lowest level can reap their rewards. You have probably even these emails, where you should put 5 euros in an envelope and send to the first name of a list skillful with.

Then you should delete the first name on the list and write your name at the end of the list, and forward the email to 10 friends and acquaintances. Possibly (never actually”), if the email spread far enough, stands at some point your name in the first place on the list and you are which is the 5-euro notes in his letter box (Yes; anyone who believes also still believes in Santa Claus!). This is a classic pyramid scheme, and it is ILLEGAL. No matter what the email would tell you. If you participate in such systems, you do it at your own risk…

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