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DOSBox is a CPU emulator, not just a compatibility layer as DOSEMU or DOS virtual machines with Windows and OS / 2, using the possibilities of virtualization Intel 80386 processor family. Does not Continue Reading

SolarBeam System

Now we have the challenge of changing the model of production and consumption of energy, Governments see the great need to stop relying on fossil fuels, and the countries that produce it, so leave Continue Reading

Contrary Light

To do this, the flask is filled with gas under high pressure to the filament does not evaporate at higher temperatures - and you can halogen bulb. Such lamps are used in a variety of projectors in Continue Reading

How To Adjust Your Monitor

Dear friends, today is very relevant in the digital photography was the theme of non-compliance settings on users' computers and computers in minilabs. Comes, for example, people print photos Continue Reading

Universities Places

Come to a place up to 10 applicants Reutlingen. The rush to the students of the Faculty of computer science at the University of Reutlingen is undiminished. The winter semester again nearly 800 Continue Reading

Legislative Decree

The term copyleft is a play on words that can be translated as left copy or permitted copying, contrary to the meaning of copyright which literally means right to copy. He is considered that a free Continue Reading

Parts Oise: System Cooling

As with all cars, Russian SUV UAZ consists of many parts. Spare parts for UAZ included in the complex system of machinery, in violation of which can result and failure of equipment. One of the UAZ Continue Reading

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