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Bacupari District

The Agroturismo also appears as a possibility of permanence in the agricultural area of the small agricultoras families, adding to the traditional activities, services and activities not Continue Reading

Lost Time

Karl Max affirmed that: in the manufacture and the artesanato, the worker uses the tool, in the plant, it is a servant of the machine. In this conception, with the occurred industrial advent in the Continue Reading

Federal Public

Researchers arrive esteem that 70% of the injuries and traumas suffered for the old ones do not appear to the statisticians. In our country, he has 93 a thousand aged ones that they intern themselves Continue Reading

Capitalist Society

Capitalist Society

Manifesto of I repudiate the exploratria capitalist society To each day that if passes creates a new tool that this form modern of escravizao will destroy, ' ' capitalismo' '. In Continue Reading

The History Of Pixar

Pixar she is an American company who produces animaes for graphical computation. Currently the company most famous of the branch, it initiated its activities in 1984 when employee of ' ' Continue Reading

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