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Computer Issues

Interpretation according to pregao of the Shepherd Walter of the book of: 2 Chronicles 20:17 – 22 I understand: Who does not desire to have a computer and who after having it, of it does not complain? ' ' This computer does not answer correctly. It never makes what I want! ' ' We can have the computer most powerful of the world, but if softwares will be inadequate, it never will go to function as ' ' fabricante' ' it planned. Beyond inadequate programs, we have also the viruses of computer, ready to enter in our machines, to destroy the hard disk and all our information. The machine is slow, stranger, functioning defectively and when we communicate in them with people, we transmit the same viruses who are in our machines, infectando of our friends. What he is pernicious and harmful if spreads. This occurs not because our computers are defective, but because other programs, had entered in it, reprogramando softwares and infectando programs. I am saying everything this to show that our mind is similar to one computer.

It considers with me: y God programmed in them in wonderful and victorious way. (Sl.139: 13-16) y Throughout the life, for the contacts that we have, we allow that other structures of inadequate thoughts, infectem the program inside the holy ghost of us. (Is.53: 6) y As computer virus, these inadequate thoughts, beyond contaminating our minds, them corrupts our information and values. y Our lives if become strangers, defective and start to contaminate others with our negative attitudes, for being disaligned with ' ' Word of Deus' ' , ' ' Manual' ' of the Creator. If its life walks stranger, without vigor, happiness, without the blessings of God, it needs to be reprogramada. It has something that you need to know: Its emotions are not negative or positive.

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