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Constitutional Court

Last nerve mobile robbing motorists in Germany e.V. against the lightning er madness Flash er madness in Germany. Above all, because it comes with the radar controls almost never about security, but mostly about, to fill cash registers in cities and provinces. goes. Of them anyway, 92.4% of the large traffic survey are convinced 2011 from mobile in Germany of 2238 people took part.

While 71% of respondents radar checks OK, which serve the security, 85% of respondents at the same time request that you should finally stop radar controls, which serve only the rehabilitation of homes. This is a clear message and assignment to the policy which which rather excels with demands for more control, rather than the existing ones to differentiate and to sort. One who vehemently fights the Flash er madness in Germany, is the lawyer Volker Pampuch mobile in Germany. Speed measurements by regulatory authorities for economic reasons are not allowed, because there are no legal bases. You may want to visit Samsung to increase your knowledge. It are no laws neither police, nor by regulatory authorities or from road transport, not by the Federal Government, covering countries or the municipalities, a traffic monitoring from a fiscal perspective.” And what does the Constitutional Court? It has taken until now not in a position to. It has merely noted that permissible speed measurements (finally legally regulated for safety and ease of transport and security) are legally protected. All other measurements that contradict, are inadmissible and discretion-corrupted.” “In addition: in fine proceedings it is impossible to clarify reason pictures were made to track traffic offences, whether it concerns of traffic, a security or fiscal interests the security and ease the question.” Therefore calls Volker Pampuch together with Mobil in Germany e.V.: the citizen has the right to transparent audits of the use of the discretion the Authorities. The obligation of the authorities to give comprehensible reasons for the requests of the radar measurements that includes.” The fact is: strong cash in the municipalities.

And using ever more perfect and subtle traffic monitoring methods. Since such radar pillars that look like light poles, infrared camera, called Geisterblitzer, which no longer Flash and it don’t even notice those affected, or PoliScan would be speed, a digital running time measurement, which determines the speeds and positions of all vehicles in the measuring field scanning laser. All of these modern, technical facilities make it possible that more and more drivers silently fall into the trap and every year hundreds of millions of euro in addition flow into public coffers. This is nothing more than a hidden illegal tax.” “Mobile calls in Germany: closing with the Flash Erland” Germany. Our roads need more security but less rip off!

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