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On the occasion of the annual meeting of the German Diabetes Society on 17 May in Hamburg, the company introduced an innovation for Medtronic Diabetes Type 1 diabetic patients and announces the artificial pancreas. The Paradigm rEAL-Time System is the first insulin pump system that consists of an insulin pump and a glucose sensor, today reported diabetes educator Sven David Mueller Nothmann in cologne. The glucose sensor transmits the measured values at the pump, the treatment recommendations derived therefrom, and cautions against over-or hypoglycemia, diabetes nurse explains the diabetes portal children can use the Paradigm rEAL-Time System. With this system, is the path of evolution that began with the discovery of insulin by Banting and Best canadian scientists in 1921, a revolution in diabetes therapy with the artificial pancreas nearly finished. Already, 42,000 diabetics in Germany bear a conventional insulin pump. The new system from Medtronic Diabetes ensure safety, such as diabetics, they have so far in theInsulin therapy is not known. The company Medtronic has announced the final stage of the revolution with the artificial pancreas is already for the coming year. The MiniMed Paradigm rEAL-Time System is the last step before this closed system of insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor.

By now, the first time this combination is finally a virtually closed system for optimal blood sugar regulation. The values assigned to the pump is electronically processed, displays and provides information on the blood glucose trend so high or can be prevented in time. The final decision on the dosage and treatment to a doctor and patient. The system has important warning systems for diabetics, and the complex calculation accounts for the mahlzeitbedingten Bolusberechnung because the pump is proposing doses. The present system is now a huge step in diabetology: minimize fluctuations in blood sugar and improve diabetes control.

This prevents the dreaded complications of diabetes and increases theQuality of life enormously, says diabetes educator Sven David Mueller Nothmann, who in 1976 became ill with diabetes mellitus type 1. The Medtronic system consists of smart insulin pump and a glucose sensor that is connected to a transmitter. This transmits the measured values at the pump. The glucose sensor is a small electrode that diabetics carry three days in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Patients who are already equipped with this system, confirm that it is virtually painless. And the introduction into the subcutaneous fat, which is itself vornehmbar of diabetes is not painful. Twice a day, it is necessary to measure the glucose level conventionally, so that there will be no errors. The sensor measures the glucose level in the cell-gap liquid every 10 seconds. Thus, the system is provided daily measurements at 8640, explained Prof. Thomas Danne, MD, children’s Hospital auf der Bult in Hannover. The Senior consultant with a focus Kinderdiabetologie part of the team of experts that has tested this system. currently contribute at least 1450 children in Germany andYoung people an insulin pump. The pump displays all five minutes at an average value, and informs the bellhousing to 288-times daily for blood glucose levels. In Germany, previously used only 11 percent of type 1 diabetic patients the benefits of treatment with an insulin pump. The benefits of combining a smart insulin pump with a continuous glucose sensor for diabetics to convince many of the most modern methods for precise insulin delivery and optimization of diabetes management, is Sven-David Muller Nothmann secure. For more information Qualimedic.com AG, Sven-David Muller Nothmann, diabetes nurse DDG Brackenstraae 1 to 3, 50667 cologne, 0221-2705212 , 0177-2353525 information diabetes mellitus: Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease that is characterized by an increase in blood sugar.

The literal translation of diabetes mellitus is honeyed Hindurchfluss. For diabetes mellitus occurs when thePancreas produces little or no insulin or the insulin may act through insulin resistance to the cells did not. The hormone insulin is responsible for the glucose from the blood into body cells to promote, thus reducing the blood sugar. In Germany, around six million living with diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is classified into two types: type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetics are usually young and at the outbreak of disease immediately to the outside supply of insulin dependent. The lifelong insulin therapy can be done using syringes, pens or insulin pumps. Type 1 diabetic patients also require a vote of carbohydrates and insulin. Only five to eight percent of diabetics have type 1 diabetes mellitus. cause of disease is usually an autoimmune response that leads to the destruction of insulin producing cells. Most diabetics belong to the Type 2. In Germany about 5.5 million Type 2 diabetics. The disease is usually due to overeating, lack of exercise and hereditary factorsand usually occurs only from the 40th Year of life. At the beginning of the disease, overweight type 2 diabetic patients require intensive nutritional education, as a weight-reducing diet to normalize blood glucose levels. Usually necessary in patients with type 2 diabetes no medications. Diabetes mellitus is a progressive and fatal disease that is often underestimated. Poorly chosen cause blood sugar levels in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, major changes in the large and small vessels and nerves.

This disease follow the eyes, kidneys, heart and lower extremities. Diabetes mellitus is the commonest cause of a fatal heart attack, amputation of lower limbs, blindness, and dialysis requirement. An optimal diabetes therapy, diabetes and blood pressure control reduces the risks significantly. regular blood sugar checks and intensive training are important components of an effective diabetes therapy. 300,000 diabetics worldwide are treated with an insulin pump. TheInsulin pump therapy is the most modern form of therapy of insulin-deficiency diabetes. The aim of insulin pump therapy is to achieve a closed system (closed loop) of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pump. With Paradigm rEAL-Time System, the first “almost” closed system is available. Medtronic Diabetes is the world’s leading manufacturer of insulin pumps and continuous glucose measurement systems and has developed Paradigm rEAL Time. The Qualimedic.com AG is an unlisted public company based in cologne. It operates on the Internet successfully various specialist consulting portals. This includes the diabetes portal . Here, patients receive free advice from a diabetologist and diabetes nurse.

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